General Description

The FS312F-G protection IC for Li-ion/polymer rechargeable one-cell batteries maintains high accurate detections of the abnormal cell activities and the corresponding delay time in order to have protections against the events of over charge, over discharge, and over current.

In the observation of an excess voltage across the battery for longer than a certain time, the FS312F-G activates a safety protection and turns off the external FET-M2 to inhibit the battery from over charging. When the battery voltage falls below a certain voltage for longer than a certain time, the FS312F-G detects the over discharge condition and turns off the external FET-M1 to cease over discharging. The over current protection is taken place when a large current is detected during discharge phase under normal condition, and the FS312F-G turns off FET-M1.



Low supply current
Overcharge detection voltage: 4.25±0.025 V
Overcharge release voltage: 4.145±0.05 V
Over discharge detection voltage: 2.90±0.08 V
Over discharge release voltage: 3.0±0.08 V
Over current detection voltage: 150±30 mV
Short circuit detection voltage: 1.35 V
Delay time generated by the internal circuit
Charger detection voltage: -1.35 V
Reset resistor for over current protection: >500KΩ
Wide supply voltage range: 1.5 ~ 9.0 V
SOT-23-6 package



Cellular phone
Handheld devices



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