General Description

FS9952_LP1 is a high performance, low power consumption and 31/2 digits (1999 Counts) Analog to Digital Converter that built-in a microprocessor (ADC+MCU). It contains 8-bits microprocessor, low noise OPAMP, high regulated bandgap, regulator, measurement switch, function control circuit, buzzer driver, oscillation circuit, backlight display control/driver circuit, LCD display driver and so on.

Due to FS9952_LP1 has a embedded microprocessor so that can control the logic function, assemble various measurement functions. Through the setting to the code can build a fully auto measurement meter and a fully manual measurement meter.

FS9952_LP1 has a AC/DC and ℉/℃ select function. This is convenience for user to enter the required measurement mode.



Maximum display: 1999
Conversion rate: 3 times/sec
Two measurement modes(Auto/ Manual)
Power voltage range: 2.4V to 3.6V
Chip power consumption is less than 6mW
Low battery detection: 2.4V
2.7KHz buzzer driver
Auto power-off : 15 mins
Peak value hold function
Unit symbol and backlight display
Sleeping mode current is less than 5uA
Package: 64-pin LQFP



Auto Measurement Palm Digital Multimeter
Auto Measurement Card Digital Multimeter
Auto Measurement Pen Digital Multimeter
Auto Measurement Clinch Multimeter(Hook meter, Clamp meter, etc.)
Number Panel Meter



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