General Description

FS9952_LP2 is a high performance, low power consumption and 3½ digits (1999 Counts) Analog to Digital Converter that built-in the microprocessor (ADC+MCU). It includes the 8 bits microprocessor, low noise and high stability OPAMP, AC rectifier OPAMP, voltage promotion and regulated voltage power, high regulated bandgap, auto measurement switch and function control circuit, buzzer driver circuit, clock oscillation circuit, backlight display control/driver circuit, LCD display driver circuit and so on.

With the microprocessor, FS9952_LP2 can do the logic function control when goes through the I/O ports. By using the codes of MEA1〜MEA4 pins, it can assemble various measurement functions, as well as construct fully auto measurement meter and fully manual measurement meter through the code settings. For the settings of Range, Select, Manual Hold, Max Hold, BLCTR and Power ON/OFF keys, you can act the measurement mode select, function switch, reading hold, backlight display, power on/off and so on functions by triggering these keys.

FS9952_LP2 has the AC/DC and ℉/℃ power on first select function that is decided by SELECT1 status. This is for the convenience of user to enter the required measurement mode during power on.

With regard to the auto power off function, when there is no action within 15 minutes on the switch or keys of the meter, the system will enter the sleep mode automatically to save the power. If it is not necessary to use the auto power off function in the process of using the meter, it can be cancelled during using.

FS9952_LP2 is made by large integrated circuit technology so that rise greatly up the reliability of the product, and make the design be simple and the volume be small. With small operating voltage and low power consumption, it is convenient to use the power supply of battery, especially suitable for the use on the palm mode meter.

FS9952_LP2 is truly a microprocessor-embedded and multifunctional measuring ADC so that just less external components added, it can be a high accuracy, lots functions and low cost measuring meter.



Max. Display: 1999
Conversion Rate: 3 times/sec.
Measurement Modes: Fully Auto Measurement/Fully Manual Measurement
The Negative Indication: Auto
Temperature Measurement (J) and ( K): Switch by SELECT key
Power Voltage Range: 2.4V-3.6V
Chip Power Consumption: ?6mW
Low Battery Warning: Approx. 2.4V
Buzzer Driver Circuit (Frequency is about 2.7kHz)
Embedded OPAMP for AC/DC conversion
Function Keys: Range / Manual Hold /Max Hold/ Select / BLCTR
Peak Value Hold Function. Apply to Clinch Meter and so on field
Unit Symbol and Backlight Display
Auto Power-off (can be cancelled in using)



Auto Measurement Palm Digital Multimeter
Auto Measurement Card Digital Multimeter
Auto Measurement Pen Digital Multimeter
Auto Measurement Clinch Meter (Hook Meter, Clamp Meter, etc.)
Number Panel Meter



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