General Description

The FS91M68 is a 8-bit high performance and cost-efficient microcontroller with one R2F module and 3°—13 LCD driver. The device is suited for use in low power LCD applications such as thermometers... etc.



8-bit microcontroller
Embedded 1k-word ROM and 64-byte RAM
1.5V battery operation, with about 40£gA (Typ.) operation current, and 0.2£gA (Typ.) sleep mode current
One R2F (Resistance to Frequency) conversion module for sensor and reference resistors
One high-speed comparator and one 16-bit counter with programmable gate time select
Build-in voltage doubler for 1/3 duty, 1/2 bias 3°—13 LCD driver
Input port°G4-bit ; In / Out port°G4-bit
Two buzzer outputs
Build in low battery detector (LVD)
Package°GDice form (36 pins), 44-pin LQFP



Clinical thermometer
R/C Type Sensor Measurement


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