General Description

The FS98O01 is a high performance, low cost 8-bit MCU with 2k program EPROM, 128-byte data RAM, one 14-bit ADC, 8-bit GIO, and 4 12 LCD driver.

With a few external passive components such as resistors and capacitors, the FS98O01 can be easily implemented to form a simple portable tire gauge, voltage panel meter, or manual range DMM, etc. Especially, FS98O01s EPROM could be written by program instruction, so users can write table or calibration data in the unused EPROM address more than one time.



8-bit risk CPU core with 39 single word instructions
Embedded 2k x 16 program ROM (07ffH isnt usable by user), 128-byte data RAM
Instruction Programmer Function
Operating voltage is from 2.4V to 3.6V
Operating current is about 1.5mA; sleep current is about 2gA
Embedded internal 1MHz oscillator
4-level hardware stacks
3 Interrupt sources (external: input port 1<0>, internal: timer, ADC)
One 14-bit noise free ADC
Embedded voltage doubler and voltage regulator (3.6V regulated output)
4-bit Input Port and 4-bit bi-directional I/O port including 1-bit for buzzer output
4 x 12 LCD driver (3V peak-to-peak)
Watchdog timer



Simple portable tire gauge
Voltage panel meter
Manual range DMM


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