General Description

The FS98O02 is a high performance, low cost 8-bit MCU with 2k program EPROM, 128-byte data RAM, one 14-bit ADC, 12-bit GIO, and 4 °— 12 LCD driver.
With a few external passive components such as resistors and capacitors, the FS98O02 can be easily implemented to form a simple portable tire gauge, voltage panel meter, or manual range DMM, etc. Especially, FS98O02°¶s EPROM could be written by program instruction, so users can write table or calibration data in the unused EPROM address more than one time.



8-bit RISC CPU core with 39 single word instructions.
Embedded 2k x 16 program ROM°]07ffH isn°¶t usable by user°^, 128-byte data RAM.
Instruction Programmer Function.
Operating voltage is from 2.4V to 3.6V.
Operating current is about 1.5mA; sleep current is about 2£gA.
Embedded internal 1MHz / 4MHz oscillator.
4-level hardware stacks.
3 Interrupt sources°]external: input port 1<0>, internal: timer, ADC°^.
One 14-bit noise free ADC.
Embedded voltage regulator°]2.5V / 3.6V regulated output°^.
Embedded Voltage Doubler°]3V / 2xVDDP pumped output°^.
4-bit Input Port and 8-bit bi-directional I/O port including 1-bit for buzzer output.
Embedded Low Voltage Reset°]LVR°^and Low Battery Detector°]LBD°^.
4 x 12 LCD driver°]3V peak-to-peak°^.
Watchdog timer.



Simple portable tire gauge
Voltage panel meter
Manual range DMM


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