General Description

The FS98O21 is a CMOS 8-bit single chip microcontroller(MCU) with embedded a 2kx16 bits one-time programmable (OTP) ROM, a 6-channel 14-bit fully differential input analog to digital converter, low noise amplifier, and 4 x 12 LCD driver.

The FS98O21 is best suited for applications such as electrical scale, meter, and sensor or transducer measurement application etc.



8-bit single chip microcontroller (MCU)
Embedded 2k x 16 bits program memory with one-time programmable (OTP) ROM
128-byte data memory (SRAM)
Only 37 single word instructions to learn
6-level memory stacks
16-bit bi-directional I/O port
PDM (Pulse Density Modulator) output
Buzzer output
I2C serial I/O port (slave mode only)
4 x 12 LCD drivers
One 6-channel 14-bit fully differential input analog to digital converter(ADC)
One low noise amplifier
2 external Interrupts



Sensor or transducer measurement applications
Electronic kitchen scale, personal scale
Digital meter


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