General Description

FS9168-017 is the standard code IC of FS9168 series for wide range thermal measurement. It can provide a low cost and low power consumption thermometer solution easily with 104GT thermistor and a few external components.



Display: 1/3 duty, 1/2 bias 3x13 LCD
1.5V power supply; ?1gA(sleep mode) and ?60gA(normal operation)
Measurement period: 1 time/2 secs or 1 time/5 secs by option
Measurement range: -50J +300JF-58K +572K
Measurement resolution: 0.1J(-50J +200J; -4K +200K), and 1J(>+200J; +200K)
Measurement accuracy: ]1.5% rdg + 10d^ at -50.0J -20.0J, ]1% rdg + 10d^at -19.9J +199.9J, ]2% rdg + 2d^at +200J +300J
4 functional buttons: ON/OFF, SELECT]J/K^, MIN/MAX, HOLD/ALARM
8 minutes auto power-off with beep alarm
Over temperature alarm
Ambient temperature: 0J +50J
Package: Dice form (36 pins), 44-pin LQFP



Wide range thermometer



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