General Description

The FS7755 is a high accuracy electrical energy measurement IC. The part specifications surpass the accuracy requirements as quoted in the IEC1036 standard. The only analog circuitry used in the FS6611 is in the ADCs and reference circuit. All other signal processing is carried out in the digital domain. This approach provides superior stability and accuracy over extremes in environmental conditions and over time.



High Accuracy, Surpasses 50/60 Hz IEC 687/1036
Less than 0.1% Error over Dynamic Range of 500~1
Synchronous outputs with CF, F1 and F2
Single 5V Supply, Low Power ( 15mW Typical)
On-Chip Power Supply Monitoring
On-Chip Creep Protection
Proprietary ADCs and DSP Provide High Accuracy over Large Variations in Environmental Conditions and Time
Direct Drive for Electromechanical Counts and Two Phase Stepper Motors(F1 and F2)
A PGA Allows the Use of Small Value of Shunt and Burden Resistance
Temperature Coefficient: 30 ppm/ ℃
Package: 24-ping SSOP



Single Phase Electronic Energy Meter



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